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   Updated Mar 26th, 2020
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 Remember the Registry Police 
"We Were The Best"
As part of a master plan to consolidate law enforcement in Massachusetts, the Registry's Law Enforcement Section 
merged with three other agencies; Massachusetts State Police, Capital Police and MDC Police on July 1,1992 making a new Department of State Police Force of over 2400 
Never Forget
 Our expertise was Motor Vehicle Law and Accident Investigation. 
We were called on by many police departments across the state to assist with enforcement and accident investigations.

Motor Vehicle Law was our specialty.
April 1907 signified a new course of action for the Massachusetts Highway Commission.
 In the interest of safety, the first two examiners, Fred Austin and Chauncy Hubbell
  were hired to test all applicants requesting a chauffeur's license. Austin tested in Boston and surrounding communities, while Hubbell conducted exams in other locations in the state 
    travelling to distant points by train and staying over night when necessary 
in order to conduct these exams.
In 1908, Colonel Foote and Paul Weinert were appointed as investigators of "fatal accidents"
In 1912, the first civil service examination was given for the position of examiner and 
for the first time, a badge was issued to the examiner to identify his position. 
The badge had a silver background with the word "Inspector" across the top as seen to the left.
Throughout this site, the history, pictures and various information attributed to the Registry Inspector is displayed, so that those who served will not forget, or what they did will not be forgotten.   
Listen as 
Frank McCone talks briefly about the 
history of the inspector  beginning in the 1940's
Since 1907 up and until 1992, Inspectors served the residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Registry of Motor Vehicles with pride and distinction. Attempts to eliminate Registry Inspectors using statements such as it would "eliminate duplication and 
result in overall cost savings and improve law enforcement " resulted in the 
merging of four law enforcement organizations !

We continue to see the Registry attempting to recreate the position of "inspector".
   While it is flattering, will it once again be a duplication of law enforcement ?
The last change accomplished in 2007 removed 
law enforcement from school bus inspections !
While changes continue to be made at the Registry, the loss of the knowledge 
base on motor vehicle laws and regulations remains a constant problem.
As of July 10, 2008 children must be in a booster seat until the age of 8 yrs, unless they are 4 ft 9 in first ! 
To listen to Frank wait until the music stops !

Each page plays with music and may restart after clicking on and off pictures
October 1, 2008 commercial vehicles, trailers, and converter dollies will be subject to enhanced 
MA CMV Inspection !
With change comes change.The years of study and experience by these Inspectors on motor vehicle laws and regulations, and what they brought to RMV continues to disappear with each passing day.
 We continue to see uniformed Registry "Safety Inspectors" appear on
 television news segments doing what we as Inspectors did best ,  but wearing 
uniform coveralls and  windbreakers.  Many of us can remember how we had difficulty in getting these items !
 In 2008, we see another story regarding the Registry of Motor Vehicles  telephone call wait times. Maybe some day someone will get it, that adequate staffing will do the job. But then again, they did not
 believe us when we said it !
      It is apparent that the state still did not get it, that it cannot afford 
to lose any more knowledgeable people, and still continue 
to operate effectively sadly no more inspectors are left at the RMV ! 
Retired and Former Inspectors part of a proud 
law enforcement organization are left only with memories of the good ,the bad, 
but certainly not the ugly.
 Window Decal
  An early 
It has been 
27 years  
since the merge 
      Former and Retired 
   Inspectors often change
         their address or 
            pass away. 

     regarding inspectors 
     maybe and often are 
              too late. 

   If you know about any
     inspector, please
          let us know
   email the webmaster @   j
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law enforcement 
related sites

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Registry of Motor Vehicles

Did you know that you now can get your MA driving record online !
Thought to be  
 Registry Office 

James Delaney
Picture taken at 
a section meeting
Inspectors from left to right Peter Bartolo; Ralph Scopa
Alan Boyd and Santo Rizzotto
 1970 Graduation

Inspector Alan Boyd 
giving an eye exam to 
Governor Frank Sargent, while the Registrar looks on
Press Release
To enlarge 
click on the
Albert W. Fontes
John Nason
on enforcement
Thomas Frydryk
  Ralph Scopa
 James Leatherwood
Richard LaBonte
         Inspector Charles Florentino
   Inspector's Outing 
      Boston Harbor
       August 1916
  1950's Picture
 William Minear
         Bob Gallagher 
Group Picture
Nashua Street
Registrar and Inspector 
Robert Panora 
and Staff
John Volpe
 with Inspectors 
at graduation
 Group shot 1972
John McGrath
From left to right

Dick Moulison, 
Larry Massone,
 Bob Gallagher
 Bill Sisson and 
Dick Smith

At various times  Inspectors like these pictured above would  attend a 3 week Accident Investigation course at Northwestern University 
in Illinois
Actual final 
identification card
 Arthur Sheldon
As of March 2, 2010 older  drivers will  have to be eye tested to keep their driver licenses !
Ralph Tamulinas
     Labor Day  
William Sahovey
Ralph Tamulinas
The state and the registry  finally realized they could not function without inspectors. 

It is obvious that the state made a mistake when they moved to consolidate highly trained and effective law enforcement officers with other law enforcement agencies, thinking they could save money ! 

Well they didn't and in fact loss a lot of revenue.

"A Former Inspector"
Joe Champagne
Registry Inspectors
attending Skid School
 Michael Dukakis and his wife greet Inspectors
George Haratounian and Paul Greaney
  George Haroutunian
      the General 
Robert Vassallo
Vincent Strothers
David Dennon
 Marcia Scully
The announcement 
       of the END
Lisa Washington
George Sedares
Ed Woodsum
 Joe Grant
Brian Kelley
 Richard Larnard
Paul Loud
It appears 
as of July 1, 2010 only two hearings officers are left 
at the RMV who 
have any law enforcement type experience !
Marino Mavraides
Edward F. McMorrow
Robert Pillsbury
John A. Smith
James Stanley
Wesley Carr
  Inspector John Fraser
 Francis L.Desjeans
Haverhill Branch
 Inspectors with 
Registrar Alan Mackay 
James Lineen
 Peter Doherty
Tom Templeton
Effective Oct 1, 2010, you can not text and drive in MA
Stand by for more 
new laws !
Charles E. Peck
James Ryan
Summary of new LEOSA Law  
suggested changes
William Sisson
William Sisson
Inspectors with 
Office Staff
Fatal Accident Investigation
Edgar Campana
Inspectors with
 the Governor
Inspectors with the Governor in Zone 1
Legislative Update
Erik Singer
 The list updated    for 2011
Patrick O'Brien
 Old patch
Tie Pin
  Topsfield Academy             Class 1967
Any message that you post is  reviewed and may  be removed
      While we did not agree with the need to MERGE, we still are proud 
       of what we did back then, and during and after and still do now. 
Listen Here
  Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Inspectors Association
         24 years later, we still remember !
Derrill Demarino

Actual radio room General Broadcast (A)
Radio Final 
Sign Off (B)

Registry Inspectors
Ray Scanzani seated center -others unknown ?
James Hogan
David Gayle
Donald Fisher

Rick Heugel
    in his own words 
just over 3 min long

Lt. John Cushman at the Kingston Police Station dedication ceremony 1986
Always fly the American Flag
Let no one take that right away !
     Gus Cassaro
   Jay Arrow
 Paul Pinto
Special Investigative Unit 1992
Villa and Mullay
New Inspectors January 1985
John Bianco
1987 Fatal Team

This site is dedicated to all Former and Retired Registry Inspectors 
Easier address is
 that will now take you here as well
Auto Theft Task 
Force Members
   Registry Inspectors
Inspector William Sisson
(behind wheel)
 Recon Team
Last Inspectors listings by work assignment

still working at MSP
Guess who
 Next Luncheon Date TENTATIVE is June 3rd, 2020 
           We are watching current events closely
Nashua Street 
Inspector Joe Hourihan
pictured left with a 1960 
Plymouth Savoy RMV Cruiser
1979 Fall River RMV
Inspectors Jim Ryan, Bill Grady,
Richard Mott, Joe Macedo and
Paul Pinto 
    We hope you enjoy the site and history and
Asst Supervising Inspector Bill Grady
 Above left to right:
 Bill Grady, Joe Macedo and Dave Dennen
​            1981
Milton Bednarz,
Harold Hart and
 Bill Grady look over a new inspection sticker

Lynn Lewandowski
 Defective Equipment ?.
VIN questions ?
  Massachusetts State Police

At a recent tour of the museum, we noticed a minimal display on the MDC, Cap and Registry Police ?
Jeanne Aiello
Craig Gurney
William Bond
A very Special Thanks to
   Bob Bower  
 "Job Well Done"
 History Alive Again 
at Antique Police Vehicle Show in Rhode Island
The History of the Registry Inspector book is being reviewed and expected to be published by September 2020
July 3rd 1956 Inspector William E, Randall with unidentified Inspector on enforcement